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Scottish Terriers are bold, friendly little dogs reaching the following heights:
Dog – 11 inches (28cm)
Bitch – 10 inches (25cm)

'Can't Catch Me' scotties

Can’t catch us!

Think you can catch me, then, eh?  scottie4
Go on - Take me for a walk.   Scottie 1

Can you take me for a walk, please?

I'm not going either.  Scottie 2

Not me!

I'm off if you click!  scottie 3

Come near me and I’m OFF!

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Scottish Terrier Puppies

Looking for a Scottish Terrier Puppy? I recently had beautiful Scottish Terrier Pups for sale. In addition to their wonderful character and temperament each pup has:

  • pedigree papers
  • been fully vaccinated,
  • been inspected by a local vet and
  • been given a clean bill of health. 

Guide Price - 450

Scottish Terriers have long, thick coats that take a bit of looking after, so please make sure that this is the kind of pup for you by checking some of the sites that offer advice on caring for Scottish Terriers.

For example, Scottie's need to have their coats clipped regularly to keep it tidy and to ensure the dog remains comfortable.

History of Scottish Terriers

Scottish Terriers were originally bred as working dogs in the farms around the north of Scotland and on the islands.

They were often left alone to chase off and hunt vermin and pests, so need plenty of exercise rather than being happy to sit all day. They are often still used to hunt vermin in the manner for which they were bred.

Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme

I will provide contact details when I next have Scottish Terrier Pups for sale. Until then, would you consider adopting a rescue dog? If so please visit the website for the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme for the UK and Southern Ireland at They are a national Great Britain organization committed to placement, fostering and care for dogs in need.
Or you could look to rehome a scottish terrier from an animal rescue centre run by the RSPCA, SPCA or similar organisation:
scottishspca rehoming centres
RSPCA rehoming and adoption

For more information on Scottish Terrier Dogs see the following websites:

scottish terrier news


North of England Scottish Terrier Club

Scottish Terrier Club (England)

The kennel club breed standards page for scottish terriers

Former USA President Bush had a Scottish Terrier named Barney! 
Barney the Scottish Terrier with George and Barbara BushClick here to visit his page on the
White House website.


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